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Program Design and Optimization

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Grant Consulting

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Cybersecurity Consulting

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What We Do

Growing sustainably is hard.
We’re here to help.

Whether your organization is recently founded or decades old, the challenges of leading a nonprofit are many!

Scrambling to meet annual fundraising goals and find new grant opportunities.

Ensuring your programs succeed and that you can measure and report impact.

Protecting your organization’s precious capital, including public trust and grant dollars.

Accomplishing any of these can feel like an overwhelming task – especially when what’s at risk is not just your organization but also the change you’re trying to create in your community.

To build a solid foundation for your organization and grow sustainably, you need support. That’s what COMO Solutions is here for.


“COMO Solutions helped Habitat for Humanity Seminole-Apopka more than double its foundation grant revenue!”

Penny Seater, Chief Executive Officer
Habitat for Humanity of Seminole County and Greater Apopka

How We Can Help

The COMO Solutions team is ready to help you…


Get grant ready with hands-on support and powerful custom tools and templates.


Find the right funding prospects, including federal, state, local, and foundation grants.


Optimize programs to succeed, inspire donors, and secure recurring grant dollars.


Craft winning proposals and build fundraising strategies for long-term sustainability.


Protect your organization from cyberattacks that can compromise sensitive data, organizational reputation, and hard-earned grant dollars.

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Who We Are

About COMO Solutions

COMO Solutions is a full-service nonprofit consulting firm. Guided by our passion for helping nonprofits thrive and bettering the lives of neighbors in need, we provide nonprofit organizations nationwide with expert grant consulting, program design and optimization, and cybersecurity advisory services.

Let’s talk about how COMO Solutions can help!

Schedule a 30-minute consult with COMO Solutions to discuss how we can boost your fundraising, impact, and cybersecurity goals.